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Residential Asphalt Driveways in Sydney

APS’ Checklist of Benefits For Locals with Asphalt Driveways in Sydney

Sydney locals who are looking for the perfect driveway construction should know the benefits of using asphalt. Simply put, asphalt is more durable, more economical and requires little maintenance; that’s why it has been used not only in public roads but also in several commercial and residential applications.


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The durability of an asphalt driveway can last your residence for many years without any damage from weathering processes. Luckily for Sydney residents, they are not exposed to extreme weather conditions. Aside from the length of time, the asphalt will also retain its colour in this time. When comparing asphalt made driveways to concrete and brick driveways, asphalt provides a significantly more stable composition which requires less maintenance over the years in terms of colour fading.  From this you can see the durability of an bitumen driveway increases the value of your driveway.

Another part to consider is the ease of repairs. An asphalt driveway can be easily repaired if needed after a couple of years. The process doesn’t involves removing areas of the driveway. Small wear and tear repairs can be applied with minimum effort and without creating unexpected expenses.


One of the best advantages of having an asphalt driveway installed is the return is greater than the investment.  Asphalt Paving Solutions provides competitive prices that are cost effective for your driveway to make sure that you receive the best service guaranteed. For larger driveways in rural areas, the savings can go further than you expect. The labour required does not increase and it is still incredibly fast to lay.

Quick Laying Time

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Bitumen Driveways are very easy to install. Our machinery are crew are specialised in asphalt laying for small to larger projects and have been for a considerable number of years, so we know how to get your driveway done as quickly as possible for you while maintaining our high standards of quality. Usually your driveway will be fully completed in 1 day, and there isn’t a need to wait a week for the driveway to ‘cure’, you could use it the same day it’s complete.

APS Will Get The Job Done Guaranteed!

With the aid of a reputable contractor such as Asphalt Paving Solutions, you can expect to extend the service life of your asphalt driveway by effectively protecting it against weathering and regular wear and tear caused by vehicle and foot traffic.

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