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Driveway Paving and Resurfacing in Sydney

Why You Should Pave Your Driveways With Asphalt


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‘The elements of correct asphalt driveway paving give you a more durable and easy to maintain driveway.’


The Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Paving

First, asphalt has a shorter curing time as compared to concrete. Typically, asphalt takes only a few hours to be completely cured while concrete may take several days. Second, asphalt, when cured properly, can prove to be more durable and easy to maintain.

But in order to achieve this for your driveway paving, there are three essential requirements: good design and right site preparation, the use of quality materials, and correct construction.

The Process of Driveway Paving and Driveway Resurfacing

Before proceeding with asphalting, the ground on which the driveway process of driveway resurfacingwill be built should be prepared correctly, making sure that it is smooth, firm and free from organic materials and top soil. The contractor should also utilise the correct amount of compacted and crushed granular base on top of the sub-grade. In cases wherein the driveway is to be widened, the contractor should also make use of enough crushed granular base.

With asphalt, your greatest enemy would be water. As such, the contractor should design the project with the end goal of ensuring that water drains off the asphalt. The correct way to do this is redirect the water away from buildings and the edges of the driveway.

A reputable contractor first determines which type of hot mix asphalt is best suited for the project while factoring in the preferences of the client. For example, class 1 mixes are typically used as base while class 2 mixes, the same ones used for roads, can be used for surfaces. However, there are homeowners who want a finer appearance which requires the use of finer mixes.

Finally, a reputable contractor adheres to the best practices within the industry. They will advise the owners of new homes to wait until the ground has fully settled before beginning construction. He will schedule the project on days which are warm and dry and will use hot mix asphalt that has the proper temperature. In performing the job, his staff will utilise the correct equipment in lieu of manual application whenever possible. Finally, the workers proceed to rolling and compaction as soon as the hot mix asphalt is ready.

How To Select The Best Contractor To Resurface Your Driveway

In selecting a contractor, take your time to choose the best one, paying particular attention to their experience and expertise, the equipment they have at their disposal, and even the testimonies of past clients. On your part, you should also do ample preparation before the project starts. This includes asking utility companies for buried infrastructures the contractor needs to be aware of, getting the necessary permits and even knowing your property’s boundaries.

Choosing Asphalt Paving Solutions For Your Driveway Paving Job

Asphalt Paving Solutions has a combined 35 years experience in the industry. We know you are looking for the most qualified and there is no other local business that is more qualified and has the credibility in Sydney to handle the contracted jobs than us. We let our past do the talking, because reputation is everything and we want to give you the best.

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