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Commercial Asphalt Car Park Surfacing

What Should A Suitable Car Park Surfacing Design Incorporate?


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‘A well-designed car park is safe, usable, can be easily modified and requires less maintenance.’




In most commercial establishments, the car park is the first and last thing that consumers notice. As such, property owners should ensure that their car parks are well-designed, enabling them to achieve the perfect balance between function and form. While many property owners put great effort in making their car parks aesthetically pleasing, most put little effort in the aspect of function, which ultimately leads to maintenance problems.

How  Do We Achieve A Suitable Car Park Surfacing Design?

In order to achieve this,  Asphalt Paving Solutions will consult with the property owners to plan out the design to ensure maximum parking space and ensure both convenience and safety for all users, including the handicapped. Other noteworthy factors to consider are improved traffic flow, visibility of pedestrians and removal of obstructions.

In optimising the capacity of a parking space, there are several strategies that can be utilised to meet this end. These include using rectangular areas whenever possible, using long sides for parallel parking, optimal placement of parking stalls and efficient placement of traffic lanes.

What Property Owners Should Know

Property owners should also be mindful of the inflow and outflow of traffic to the parking lot. As a rule of thumb, entrances should be moved away from busy streets and areas near stop signs.

Another way to improve traffic in a parking lot is the effective use of markings which may be utilised to designate parking areas and direct flow of traffic. These markings can be made on asphalt surfaces either with paint or marking tapes especially designed for such purposes a few days after the asphalt has been totally cured.

For commercial establishments, asphalt paving is best done before the actual completion of the building. This allows the property owners and the construction team working on the building to reap several benefits. First, this ensures that workers and their equipment have a stable platform. Second, paving minimises the need for cleaning the job site as dust and mud are minimised, if not eliminated. Third, asphalt surfaces can be utilised as vertical and horizontal control points. If the building has already finished construction or is in need of an updated car park, we are always able to resurface the car park with asphalt.

In order to ensure quality work, we are able to select the appropriate hot mix asphalt to be used while ensuring that the surface to be worked on has been sufficiently prepared and checked. Asphalt is applied when it is at its recommended temperature for application.

How You Can Get In Contact

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