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From driveways to highways

About Asphalt Paving Solutions

Asphalt Paving Solutions Pty Ltd (APS) was formed in 2004 by two colleagues who combined, have 35 years experience in the asphalt laying industry.

We saw the need for innovative subcontracting and were the first to introduce the BlawKnox Track Paver to Australia. This type of track paver is widely used in Europe and North America and is now a  successful and accepted product on Australian soil.

With the latest equipment and an experienced, long-serving crew, APS have been laying asphalt on Sydney’s major roads since 2004. As in-demand contractors, we have also completed major projects in Brisbane and the NSW North and South Coasts.

Most recently we were selected, through Boral Asphalt, to work on the resurfacing of the SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE in January 2012. This is the first time in the history of the iconic Harbour Bridge that such extensive work had been carried out. APS worked long and hard and successfully helped complete the project on time. We are very proud that we were chosen for this extensive work and relished the opportunity to work on the bridge.


  • “Both Kevin and I pride ourselves on honest quotes and honest answers to your questions. APS works closely with Boral and many civil contruction companies in and around NSW and we have been in the industry long to provide you with the correct asphalt solution for your needs. Our staff reflect our strong work ethic to ensure your job is completed on time whilst maintaining a high standard of quality.”

    Kevin and Tony